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A rectangular 3,000 square foot footprint was the shell space given to a client for a restaurant. The design of the restaurant renders the "box" unrecognizable. Curvilinear bench seating, bar, soffits and back wall of the dining area bring movement and excitement to the space that lets the patron know that this restaurant is like no other in Birmingham.


The restaurant has design features that allow it to be configured into different types of spaces. A small outdoor patio dining area stretches across the front of the restaurant, seperated from the interior by three large glass garage doors. When closed, the patiois an intimate street front dining area. When the doors are open, the entire restaurant has an outdoor cafe feel. The dining area is further delineated by a large curtain that cuts a curved path across the restaurant, creating an indoor/outdoor seating area in the front of the restaurant and a darker, more cloistered rear dining area. Another demarcation of space is the circular anteroom to the bathrooms that is sheathed in stainless steel beads. Instead of doors, patrons pass through a glowing translucent bead curtain to enter the bathroom area.


A rich palette of materials helps reinforce the idea of excitement and movement. Stained concrete floors, exposed structure ceiling, brushed steel, mosaic glass tiles and richly colored fabrics add to the excitement of the space.


A sophisticated lighting system changes the atmosphere of the space. Fiber-optic lights are embedded into the concrete bar top, creating a rhythm on the bar top. LED lights wash the back bar wall with changing colors, presenting alternate feels of excitement and coolness.


Lisa DeCarlo was the interior designer for the project.