For Work + Home


Next to one’s home, work is where a person will spend the most amount of time. This environment is a very important part of someone’s life, so we take great pride in creating a place where someone can work in comfort and be their best. This includes proper space, lighting, temperature, but also proximity to co-workers and support spaces. This detailed approach helps make the workplace more enjoyable and productive for the entire company.

We also take this design opportunity to help create or reinforce the brand of a business. Architecture can make a profound impact on people’s perception of a business. The forms, material, colors, and lighting send a powerful message to employees, business partners, and customers regarding a business’s vision, competence, and success.

Thompson Architecture assists our clients to become a better business. We help create an environment that increases employee satisfaction, productivity, and overall business success, while also reinforcing the company’s vision and image through its architecture.


Home is the most important place on earth for us, and Thompson Architecture makes sure it is also your most special place on earth. It is an honor and a solemn duty to design this special place, so we use all our talent, skill, training, and experience to craft this place into a perfect fit for the occupant.

We start with a collaboration with the homeowners to determine their daily routines, as well as their wishes and needs in a home. We then create a conceptual layout of the home, creating spaces for entertaining, for family time, for private time, using scale, form, daylighting, materials and colors to create the perfect place for that activity.

Our work continues into the details of the home, creating a place for everything, from people to furniture to antiques and artwork.

The result of this process is a home that fits perfectly with the personality of the homeowners, with every space and every detail customized for the enjoyment of the people in the home.